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Post Sapiens Math

30.09.2015 11:46
Log and antilog by Monticelli Notation:

Worldwide Wisdom Revolution by Web?

19.04.2013 15:25
From ages ago to the present, many dispensers of wisdom have come and gone without changing their simple way of life, whose main ambition has always been "the knowledge in the Truth" for placing this among the last in the social hierarchy. Wisdom is very important because it can affect the lives of...

Mysticism and Wisdom: the connection

19.04.2013 15:21
In every place of the planet, scattered among all nations and cultures, in all ages, the characters stand out strikingly similar in bringing itself a coincidental combination of mysticism and wisdom. The rarefied distribution while, in all times and places, these "Immortals in Consciousness" and...

Global Wisdom now!

19.04.2013 15:17
After years of road, on Christmas Day 2007 I created my first blog. Then, one after the other I created other web spaces, believing that the only visibility in search engines could be enough to trigger a global interest for Philosophy. The utopian vision of a "Global Wisdom" seemed accessible. I...

Mystic Philosophy

19.04.2013 15:14
By definition, Wisdom serves the purpose to bring good luck to themselves and to the community of which it is part. Bring luck to yourself to figure things follows with enough humility to accept even the truth as well as unwelcome useful, uninfluenced by emotions induced by so...