Global Wisdom now!

19.04.2013 15:17

After years of road, on Christmas Day 2007 I created my first blog.
Then, one after the other I created other web spaces, believing that the only visibility in search engines could be enough to trigger a global interest for Philosophy.
The utopian vision of a "Global Wisdom" seemed accessible.
I tried with "The Conspiracy of the Poets" then "The Galaxy of Poetifilosofi" creating several blogs and sites.
deluding myself, I was wrong, deceived by the fact that countless aphorisms of classical wisdom seemed to have a great success in the ever-green web, (even today many shares). Then I realized that the aesthetic use of the aphorisms he hindered the application:
wisdom was not applied, but was only cited to amaze your friends.
So in the meantime, the world is not any better: there is no peace, and the global economy is based on powers imposed by debt rather than by merit productive, while the emerging threat of nanotechnology lies.
If I did nothing I would feel responsible for wrongful death against potential screw Future.
I will try the path of "Presumption Necessary and Urgent" I will try to convince thousands of philosophical hermits to take action on the Internet as bloggers, showing them how to create "Blog-trigger".
Virtually ... the blog "Living" that autoriproducano emulation, giving birth to thousands of blogs like, guided by conscience like, united in their ideas, but also in competition to attract donations in proportion to merit judged by the value of the content of their posts.
According to a mathematical model, reaching a density of critical presence in the Internet would create a "Global Consciousness" is not virtual, but real:
A planet whose conscious mind would be made up of a few billion "neurons" (which we paid .. all of us)
I'm starting to create new Web spaces can potentially attract donations, then toss them and I will emulate, blessing the Competition.
Find patrons and get tips from all over the world? For me it would be either ... I hope it will be ... an experience that I will share with many! A result that freely give hope to so many people (mostly elderly) rich in culture and knowledge, land-locked, which could give so much to all of us, reborn on the Web A precedent that will see millions of poet-philosophers lonely! For my part, I placed spaces-donations so that you can go to the expense of the necessary promotional strategies designed to boost the visibility of my blog. An example to be copied!
Meanwhile, I am optimizing the settings, then will select the best. Will post many philosophical articles already written something really new and never thought such as: "The Theory of the World Slow" and more ... the most popular mystical poems.
This kind of literature is a power potential, such as "Probabilistic" the beating of the wings of a butterfly that can stave off a tornado.
I do not know if this project (Wisdom Global) will fail, but I will fire the best of my ability to trigger it. Then, as in a chain reaction, could expand to avalanche autorigenerandosi emulation, obviously encouraged by the (hopefully) proven ability to receive donations.

I think I could join a crowd,
the crowd of all future inhabitants of the Living Planet,
in thanking ... Who haved a thought for them!

Aldo Monticelli