Mystic Philosophy

19.04.2013 15:14

By definition, Wisdom serves the purpose to bring good luck to themselves and to the community of which it is part.
Bring luck to yourself to figure things follows with enough humility to accept even the truth as well as unwelcome useful, uninfluenced by emotions induced by so misleading as foolish mentality of the masses.
"Wisdom" means acting on the basis of reliable data and their well-matured convictions, thus avoiding to make harmful mistakes repeatedly.
For this reason we call it wisdom.
Today, the community to which we belong is of planetary size.
L `act not only for the benefit of themselves, but also for the global community to which we belong, bring luck to all those who are active in this respect.
The most obvious reason consist in evidence that if you neglect the good of others, in turn, the others would do the same, making us all "Unfortunate" through the possible extreme global consequences.
L `altruism individual face to the welfare of even a large community is the most important component of Wisdom, as it also seems to draw a mysterious protective benevolence manifested by providential coincidences (synchronicity)
The historical blend of mysticism and wisdom seems to demonstrate that Wisdom can also be considered a way to access those dimensions d `mysterious creators of" Phenomena synchronic "(providential coincidences) of the same mystical nature of what is generally meant by" Fortune "
The reason most plausible synchronic phenomena (coincidences) seems to have originated from the mysterious need for evolution of all life that the micro-cosmos to the macro-cosmos tends to expand through mergers spontaneous solidarity, as if into the DNA of cells lacking the seed of wisdom.
We can call "Mystic Philosophy" that philosophy-luck applicable to create a utopian society by becoming aware of the Meaning of Life.
A philosophy that starts from the understanding of the purpose of the `existence so that it can evolve both in rationality in mysticism.
Understand and satisfy the purpose of the `Existence is essential so that we can hope to receive the benefit of providential coincidences that add actions wise targeted to own and others' well-being, end up making us feel like guided and protected by the mystically mysterious protective benevolence commonly called. .. luck.

Aldo Monticelli