Mysticism and Wisdom: the connection

19.04.2013 15:21

In every place of the planet, scattered among all nations and cultures, in all ages, the characters stand out strikingly similar in bringing itself a coincidental combination of mysticism and wisdom.
The rarefied distribution while, in all times and places, these "Immortals in Consciousness" and the mysterious coincidence of the close link between Wisdom and Mysticism, join in their special significance to unravel many mysteries seemingly inexplicable, including the motivations of mystical phenomena studied as "Coincidences Synchronic providential"
Practically, in comparison to the Cosmos we are like cells and probably our existence should serve a purpose that we might now call "Continuation"
Purpose similar to that of the hundreds of billions of microscopic highly intelligent entities that give us permission to exist: Cells.
The remarkable coincidence resulting from the extraordinary bond between philosophy, wisdom and mysticism, supports the hypothesis that the flourishing of life is part of a mysterious plan into the future, beyond the scope of our perception.
Nature contains in itself will also improperly called "Supernatural" that can guide you in the right direction and help you through the miraculous phenomena tending, those lifeforms with an instinctive perception of the purpose of their existence. Forms that are helped, protected and guided to support this primary purpose.
This kind of awareness tends to stress a philosophical and wisdom that facilitates the "Contact" that rewards those who are usefully devoted to the Hereafter.
Contact may be called a blessing for the frequency and effectiveness of remarkable coincidences Synchronic providential.
The mystical phenomena and Synchronic providential coincidences that seem to help those between philosophy and wisdom seeking the right answers to act in harmony with the whole, are not supernatural phenomena.
This philosophy has produced a new adventure: the Theory of Slow World (see sbove the article: "
Meaning of Life and Sinchronicity"

Practice: an open door, addressed to the knowledge of the depth of the Whole.
This new theory, from strictly scientific basis and supported by a philosophical method based on the application of inductive logic and deductive logic can reveal the naturalness of many mysterious phenomena.
One of the aims of this kind of literature is to provide useful knowledge easy to understand, which really bring good luck, as you would expect from Wisdom and Mysticism.
Culture Utopian that there is so mystically request, can be connected to the future of Planetary Life and a plausible argument for immortality of our Consciousness Reactive, not between the fortunes that a devotion to the Hereafter should
logically be sure. (automatic translation from Italian)

Aldo Monticelli