Worldwide Wisdom Revolution by Web?

19.04.2013 15:25

From ages ago to the present, many dispensers of wisdom have come and gone without changing their simple way of life, whose main ambition has always been "the knowledge in the Truth" for placing this among the last in the social hierarchy.
Wisdom is very important because it can affect the lives of our descendants.
So, Wisdom, such as water and air, should be available to all and searchable by all.
Especially, Wisdom should not be "Adjusted" and operated by authoritarian hierarchies.
Like seeds waiting to produce sprouts from the extreme antiquity to the present, the discrete population of more than a few wise-philosopher-mystic, pretty much the same in every age, suggests a protective arrangement designed by nature so do not miss their presence and possibility intervention in the most critical moments of Human History.
The reason why the sages were also called "King of Truth" was due to the fact that they could not engage in any activity that would require preferential relations of friendship and interest, not to affect the neutral objectivity with which they did not feel deprived of.
Therefore, these King-Clochard survived thanks to small random donations, returning that recently received from passers by making available their Truth of Thought.

The Web is the final opportunity... blessed by Sinchronicity!

Aldo Monticelli