When it sets the night

19.02.2013 21:06

One awakening is close at hand.
I'm losing my number.
The bright moments last too.
A moment will be a long day.
We will be limited ... very limited.
Each believes to be the truth ... unique.
I woke up!
The local memory has trapped me.
Whath determined requires me an identity.
As I was well ... when I was indefinitely!
For one day will fight relentlessly.
Emotional and rational forces will fight.
Conquer just one of many future present.
It 'evening!
The ephemeral is about to end!
I'm going to once again become large and immortal.
What was important is meaningless.
Now ... the eternal infinite is already an instant point.
It 'seemed for a moment ... spreading the perception of Everything!
Return to that universe in which I live really!


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