Virtual leader of the pack

19.02.2013 21:21

The Beastlord of each flock flock-
has very little physical
but alive and conscious;
is a virtual entity.
His wandering cells form human tribes.

He decides the fate of the media.
Evolves slowly,
between mode, Common Sense, and Religion.

Does not communicate what they perceive.
Words and attitudes do not deceive him.
World Slow count just the facts.
Know the indescribable essence of things.

But human pride is too coward.
Past would know suffering,
so, mercifully,
Beastlord manages the appearance.

He almost immortal, not afraid of allergies.
Let the cells a little carnage.
Inprint illogical logic and hypnotic violence
in zones irrational.
There, where every thought is instant.

To slow evolution of facts and ideas
after words begin with battles,
here ... civil war or uncivilized!
Nothing can stop rational.

Huge massacres are small wounds.
For virtual entities is like a game.
The cells set up: long live the winning flock!

Although several decades are only an instant,
Glory, Honor and Power until the next turn.
Process to the losers, you will catch monsters.
Then ... another cycle will begin again.

Who knows, maybe one day
in trying to climb the Universe
unspeakable things could be said.

Without psychic trauma, not more physical trauma.
No more wars, no more unnecessary drama.
Peace and progress for stupid animals!