Meaning of Life and Synchronicity

24.03.2013 09:58
With simple philosophical reflections, we can come to understand in a realistic way many of those great mysteries that are important to understand, but that cause limits of science and ordinary experience... are classified as unexplained supernatural events.
Fortunately, for some time, you can study with scientific methods those microscopic life forms that inhabit micro-environments in which life flows superspeed.
Comparing two worlds of different width and speed and observing possible interactions is poo prove the existence and nature of the space from which many unexplained phenomena (paranormal).
The trillions of cells components of a living individual, appear as an entity totally devoid of intelligence (as improper parameters on a human scale)
However, looking at the super advanced adaptability and the results of their work, the cells are still equipped with a targeted type of intelligence (liquid, chemistry, genetics, molecular) specifically adapted to the needs of their world intracorporeal.
These micro awareness have the ability to communicate and perceive, but ... when analyzed individually, these abilities are confined to the inside of their world-universe, which is the body of `being whose components are.
Through chemical receptors, they communicate for adjacency, or through mailings in the circulatory system, or (for urgent communications to large distances) through the nervous system, which in turn is composed of cells.
For convenience of reasoning, we assume that each cell taken individually is intelligent and provided great awareness, which in a sense would be more than a `hypothesis.
Comparing the world-human universe with the world-universe of cells, we observe that in the first case we get the edge of interstellar space, while in the second case, the cellular world does not go beyond the skin of `be that contains it.
In the human dimension, including connections and phenomena that seem guided by a mysterious superior will, can be defined as "spiritual world" a `hypothetical unknown dimension able to bring out supernatural phenomena (without a natural explanation)
Reasoning about component cells a human body, it is easy to be familiar with and analyze their spiritual world, because: "The spiritual world of our cells is identified in the spatial world outside our body"
When as a result of voluntary actions to remedy human suffering arises involving organic cells (eg, excessive heat or cold or trauma) in the world-universe cell the result of each of these actions is as an event "Supernatural" emerged from an unknowable spiritual world .
The same events (both traumatic and curative) when viewed in the world-human universe, appear natural and resulting from causes explained.
The cells act as if they were aware of the purpose of their existence, as a favor to become that goes far beyond their temporary presence, they are often protected and helped by actions "Supernatural" emerged from the world-external universe (something like this should be also in the human dimension)
If a human being can have a `life expectancy of nearly a century, most of the cells that make up living about a month, however, unlike humans, the cells act primarily for the benefit of future generations.
Through an imaginative comparison, we might imagine a possible `illuminated cell-prophet is able to realize that all forms of cellular life are created to serve a` divine entity to which it is important to be devoted, for example, being careful not to slip into carcinogenic selfishness.
The cells are devoted to the purpose of their existence, as if they know of a religious extremely convincing, based on a proven truth faithfully reproduced in trillions of exact copies of what we might call "The Bible of the Cell"
L `Mystical Text evolved that each cell have care and observes the precepts, is nothing more than the Genetic Code inscribed in the DNA (the definition:" Text Monk "is well founded, because most of the genetic text goes beyond the guide natural interactions between cells, trespassing in effective projects in outer space on a human scale, and towards cell is equivalent to a spiritual space)
Comparing the mobile world with the world-universe-human universe, while noting many similarities, it is clear that we, human beings, we have a lot to learn in terms of solidarity and responsibility towards future generations and were also very lacking in sensitivity to the direction of THAT `assumed to life and precious entity that is ... is called: soul.
At all times, all religions on the planet, despite their diversity, conflict, shared the following conviction: "The destiny of every soul depends on the actions taken in life, and every good deed draws supreme benevolence protective"
In the world-human universe, the well-known phenomenon of providential "coincidences synchronic" seems to be put in a "Supreme protective benevolence" that can be realistically imagined gemellandola with a similar phenomenon happens in the world-universe phone.
In fact, if we happen to suffer states of suffering organic engaging our cells, we will take care with protective and curative action, which in the world-universe phone is perceived as a supernatural unexplainable miracle.
The paradoxes of the New Physics (quantum and relativistic) are nothing compared to the mystery that has theorized the "Anthropic Principle" where you tried to explain why the physical constants are universal sized to ultra-precise, as if they were designed especially to allow the existence of `Life as we know it (a similar concept relates the properties of the world-universe mobile phone with micro-life allowed in it)
The comparison between the human world and the micro world seems to reveal that the `beyond is a relative concept and that we Humans, being prematurely invested with a 'huge responsibility (because of the technological potential of global) we have the choice of mysticism to interpret and understand the Meaning of Life, thus becoming valuable elements and deserving, in a mystical relationship with the Primary Will likely that we would instruments.
In the immensity of the cosmos, nobody is individually essential, but everyone is able to choose to come to a central state of grace ... by the desire to understand and to follow the `important and mysterious purpose of his existence.

Aldo Monticelli