Master of Chaos

19.02.2013 21:02

Man lives in the World Slow Slow, but ... has quick reflexes!
Can react instantly, but ... in this world is very slow.
He has already ... but you do not know what I'm talking about!
Man Slow Man is ephemeral as an individual is to his cell.
Slow Man is the humanized planet ... Common Sense is its strong hormone.
The immense slow mind goes ... has knowledge ... generates reality!
Nothing neuronal memory, with the gene sequences they remember what you need.
Slow Man is almost invulnerable, but now ... it feels to die.
The vital memory is atrophying ... rationality kills.
Master of chaos ... is able to heal, but ... does not want to change.
Will heal quickly, however ... his time is a century.
In the forest of alternative fates ... unlikely give certainty.
Ma .. bully short lives ... steal the unlikely ... eliminating vital possibilities.
The Ephemeral Man steals coins vital natural without reciprocate,
and ... to leave nothing to chance ... violent nature.
He does not know to be cell ... can not see beyond their own size.
Where chaos begets life ... the dull intelligence is cancer.
The nature defends himself: attention ... are coming!
Here ... chaotic medicines from the World Slow!