How bad are the good

19.02.2013 21:25

Who will be ...
very good, honest, and upright,
above all, morally blameless,
will have the great spiritual satisfaction
to feel proud custodian of admirable virtue,
so as to build up with uncontrollable greed
a huge share of acclaim, recognition and esteem.
But ..
if you do not want to crawl in the shadows,
will have to give up all that bad is not wasted.
But ...
will end up with envy
who, without restraint, than enjoying life.
So ..
imprisoned by a dignified image,
upset and shocked,
hate the good the bad
and anger, will limit his freedom.
Paradoxically ...
how to teach history and news:
is not the transgression, not dishonesty
to cause the most horrific human tragedies,
but it is hate, pure hate,
hate the good proof to the bad guy.
Sure ...
is not the bad to hate the good, indeed.
But ..
If you're too good can not understand,
so busy judging others,
and above all to stone
who would not want to cast the first stone.
Maybe tomorrow ...
shade of encyclopedic ineffective towers
made of Sociology, Psychology, as well as Theology
the most learned will understand to have rationalized to no avail.
Then, everything will start again from feeling,
and the most celebrated hero, repentant,
listen to the most disobedient vagabond
elementary words of wisdom
come to the edge of the world:
"You good ... not to persist with your high ideals,
not make war, do not slaughter "
"You shall not kill ... good,
I bad ... I can teach you how to live! "