A pope and the King of Truth

19.02.2013 21:34

In a dream or... in a parallel universe ...
a pope asked the advice of a king of truth.
(He was tired of apologizing for the mistakes of its predecessors)
He said, "I do not want that future popes must apologize for my actions!"
The King of Truth said:
"I do not think I can help.
I'm too honest, so ... you could not understand me! "
The Pope pleaded, "Do not ask just for me ... enlighten me!"
The King of Truth gave her a long look to the Pope, and then said:
"You do not recite a parable ... for you will be even more difficult to understand!"
"Pay attention, if you know put yourself in what you say ...
gain the ability to save a world, your world "
Taking off your shoes, the King of Truth told ... said only the essentials:

"I am grateful to those who offend me ...
those who do not mislead me with compliments,
the rare friend that does sincerly criticize me,
who, frankly, gives me the reality of his thought.

I am grateful to those who helped me to reflect,
who tells me ... saving me from making mistakes,
the lonely ... out dall'acclamante choir ... would like to prevent.

I love to understand the important and valuable words of those who offend me.

Never give up ... even to only one, but valiantly sincere friend,
not even for a billion of
enthusiastic admirers!"

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