19.02.2013 20:54

That essence snapshot of your slow mind
lives in the world of the indeterminate,
can not think, but know what to do.
If attracts Providence is an entity guardian.

Facing infinite dimensions,
is the fate of most coincident,
coincide with your state of mind.

Being indifferent to rational plans,
(the quantum world does not tolerate sequences)
only the feelings will guide,
those feelings lenses which carry recurrences of emotions.

If you are not a branch of will is not your own,
and six positively optimistic,
you have a lot of luck, the real
one that does not require wealth.

You will not be difficult if you are not afraid!

But, if too defeatist you are
and your mind is always thinking the worst,
the carrier-state total essential
tunes with similarity
between the virtual destinies redundant
jobs beyond your state of existence ...
multiplying the deleterious effects
the already compromised causality.

Every single event affects the mind in the Deep,
the best call the best and worst of the worst calls,
then, fortune and its opposite form a slow wave,
a wave that can become stationary.

If the connections are very frequent sign is positive,
whereas, for the opposite ...
without even detect the lost opportunities ...
everything seems to go wrong.

Look around you! If you're in the depths of the abyss ...
you have to wait favorable influences.
Do not attempt anything if you feel the emptiness in you!
While waiting for fun get trustful gradually
until returns related events and acausal.

Luck is not a luxury, art is spontaneous feelings.
Do not think of it with envy.
Save medicines! Do you believe in talismans?
Without fear ... dissolve the bridle ...
for your most positive ... intimate desires.