Parallel universes of the photon

14.02.2013 00:14

Being able to demonstrate the existence of Parallel Universes (all real alternative destinies in each respective dimension) can open the door to the discovery of a simple theory of everything able to provide plausible answers to the great questions of existence.
The Theory of Relativity, Quantum Theory and Information Theory (which defines the amount of information as a form of energy, sharing the concept of entropy with the Physical Sciences including phenomena asymmetric with respect to the apparent direction of time) are based Aware of the need for an observer reference frame.
Without the determination of an observer of Reference (Portal of Existence?) None of these theories could be properly formulated.
Relativity, Quantum Physics and Information Theory, as well as elegant mathematical proofs have been made sophisticated demonstration experiments successfully.
Therefore, these theories are a well-established scientific heritage and likely irrefutable.
It turns out that in a Photon time as we know it does not flow, as, traveling at the speed of light while traveling huge distances using any even billions of our years ... because of relativistic time dimension, the instant of time of departure will be the same instant of time at the end of travel (relativistic time zero) while the spatial dimension in line with the direction of motion, becomes infinitesimal, tending to zero, with corresponding mass perceptible only in the dimension of the inertial photon (related to the relative energy-perceived frequency another inertial state)
This reveals the existence of worlds the size turned over (with mirror inversion mass-energy) that could be locally similar to our world, when viewed in the inertial frame in which they are at rest.
In such worlds the straight-geodesic path in light speed and the whole history of a photon are condensed into a point mass, where the local time apparently would flow in the transverse direction with respect to our dimensional world.
In a reference in which photons would be almost stationary mass (without frequency-energy) throughout their history and spatial path made in our world would be absolutely undeterminable.
It can reasonably be assumed that all time points (instants quantum) in the history of a photon in our reference dimensional turn into many states of existence parallel (in reference to light speed) of which only one will be perceptible in each alternate reality, characterized by scrolling apparently relativistic cross time than our stationary reference frame.
This conjecture on Parallel Universes of Photon is based on the fact that the Relativity is nothing but geometry, for which nothing is lost in the transition between two systems relativistic effect rendered transverse speed light.
Thus, a light path with a history of spatial points traversed in a given time, converted into relativistic size, appear as a material in which eternity will correspond to a moment ... and all the information is missing spanderebbe in diverse states of existence in containment extra dimension of Parallel Universes of Photon. (An infinite number of alternative fates, reflect the many parallel worlds)
The Theory of Everything should not miss a comprehensive evaluation of the hypothesis of Parallel Universes, a hypothesis that is supported here by a coherent logical reasoning, but that would require ingenious experiments to be able to seriously test.
The classical theory of relativity is incomplete and difficult to understand due to the fact that the idea of ​​space-time contractions and expansions that it is based does not take into account the additional dimension of Parallel Universes, also appearing in the definition of the Observer approximate Aware Reference as a tool that would be more convenient to define geometric: "Portal of Existence"
To define a simple and elegant the "Multiverse" you should exclude any temporal dimension, because, apparently, there is no time, as it would be an internal property to the portal of Existence (interaction world-consciousness) as each sequential quantum leap towards the more geometrically adjacent Parallel Universe (among many) reduces the probability reversible causes (and entropy) thus creating the illusion of time as if it were a size.
Perhaps we are to confirm a controversial insight of the philosopher Parmenides, which claimed about 2400 years ago: "The movement is an illusion ... everything is still!"

Aldo Monticelli