Synchronic providence

24.04.2013 22:00

Nothing happens by chance? From ancient times until today, this idea has been frequently supported in everyday experience of many people.
Among the reports of mystic interactions handed down from ancient times, it strengthened the myth of the goddess Fortuna, thanks to the sixth king of Rome: Etruscan Servius Tullius.
A king who before 500 A.C. through a series of coincidences, he managed to transform Rome from a village to a state organized and militarily strong. A historically decisive character so as to enjoy numerous benefits mysterious premonitions and attributed to the goddess to whom he dedicated twenty-six temples to thank her.
This name: "Fortuna" still is used to indicate a providential good fortune that seems to favor assiduously only significant characters in special times of their lives, so-called "Lucky"
Arguably, without the actions of Servius Tullius, the history of Rome would have been different or very short, just as without Benjamin Franklin, instead of the United States of America would have a fragmented post-colonial continent not too dissimilar from Africa and ... without Alan Turing and Steve Jobs ... would not have initiated the creation of the Global Consciousness of Internet.
According to the ancient Greek culture, those heroic characters and essays that can influence the story with their actions were guided and helped by the gods, as a means to satisfy mysterious supreme will, sometimes to a large project.
One can also observe that modern psychology has already established a long time the existence of collective consciousness (groups, peoples and cultures) who act as if they were a single individual and with their effects conditioners are able to guide the destinies of individual people)
After extensive research of Jung's "Synchronicity" (acausal coincidences) and the new theory of "World Slow" develops a thesis that is now the foundations demonstrable, combining Science and Philosophy through the analysis of the interactions between microcosm and macrocosm, without neglecting the theories of Relativity, Quantum Physics and Thermodynamics.
In this series of mystical philosophy, even if the introduction was necessary to use scientific terms unfamiliar to most people, in continuing we will use a simple and clear language, respecting mainly the subject indicated in this branch of philosophy.
The priority theme is: to acquire the necessary knowledge to guide their actions in the right direction in order to "Deserve" those mysterious attention that increase the frequency of providential coincidences, in other words: deserve luck!
Rewarding those actions seem to be able to conduct the Living Planet towards a global civilization utopian.
Basically, if we can act for the good fortune of our great-grandchildren, in our turn we qualify as a precious asset, receiving aid in the form of providential coincidences Synchronic ... in the interests of "Slow Superconsciousness" mystical in nature, but not supernatural.
This is a plausible argument that if followed would make us not only lucky, but also immortal (in the "Reactive Consciousness") if the purpose of life is ... aim for a unlimited future evolution of life.

Aldo Monticelli