Meaning of life and sinchronicity

28.06.2015 18:39

With the method of induction it is possible to come to understand in reasonable way many of that great mysteries that we would want to understand, but that the limits of the Science and the experience have classified as inexplicable supernatural events.

Luckily many observable vital cycles are completed in times thousand of times briefer than the human times, within analyzable microscopic spaces easily in panoramic way.

This way it is possible to use the inductive method to compare the whole of which is wanted to deepen the knowledge with another similar, but available whole in a very smaller dimension, in which it is easy to arrive to an ample cognitive knowledge.

The thousand of million of cells component a living individual, totally appears as deprived entity of intelligence

However, observing her super evolved abilities of adaptation and the results of theirs to operate, the cells they result provisions of a contemplated type of intelligence (liquid, chemistry, genetics, molecular) precisely suited for the necessities of their world intracorporeo however.

Such micro cellular awareness have ability to communicate and to perceive, but... if you singly analyze, said abilities are confined inside their world-universe, that is the body of the being of which I/you/they are component.

Through chemical receptors, they communicate for nearness, or through dispatches in the circulatory system, or (for urgent communications to great distances) through the nervous system, that is in turn composed from cells.

For convenience of reasoning, we suppose that every cell singly taken is intelligent and provision of great awareness, which in a certain sense would be more than a hypothesis.

Comparing the human world-universe with the world-universe of the cells, we observe that in the first case we reach the confinements of the interstellar spaces, while in the second case, the cellular world doesn't go over the skin of the being that contains him/it.

In the human dimension, among coincidences and phenomena that seem driven by a mysterious superior wish, you/he/she can be defined: "Spiritual world" a hypothetical unknown dimension able to make to appear on the surface supernatural phenomena (deprived of a natural explanation)

Reasoning on the component cells a human body, it is easy to know well and to analyze their Spiritual World; in fact, the Spiritual World of our cells is identified in the external spatial world to our body.

When subsequently to human voluntary actions remedy is set to sufferings organic involving cells (example: excesses of heat or cold or traumas) in the cellular world-universe the result of every of such actions appears as event "Supernatural" appeared on the surface by an unknowable Spiritual World.

The same events (both traumatic and curative) if sees in the human world-universe, they appear natural and consequent to explainable causes.

The cells act as if they were aware of the purpose of their existence, since they favor a becoming that pushes a lot him over their provisional presence; often they are protected and you help through actions "Supernatural" appeared on the surface by the external world-universe (something similar should also happen in the human dimension)

If a human being can have an expectation of life that grazes the century, big part of the cells that composes him/it they live around one month, nevertheless, unlike the human beings, the cells prioritily act to benefit of the future generations.

Mediante un fantasioso paragone, potremmo immaginare che un`eventuale illuminata cellula-profeta riesca ad intuire che tutte le forme di vita cellulare siano create per servire un`entità divina verso la quale è importante essere devoti, per esempio, facendo attenzione a non scivolare in cancerogeni egoismi.

Le cellule risultano devote allo scopo della loro esistenza, come se disponessero di un sapere religioso estremamente convincente, basato su una collaudata verità fedelmente riprodotta in migliaia di miliardi di copie esatte di ciò che potremmo chiamare: "La Bibbia della Cellula"

The evolved Mystical Text that every cell guards with care and respects the precepts of it, is not anything else other than the Genetic Code subscribed in the Dna (the definition: "Mystical text" it is well motivated, since good part of the genetic text goes over the guide of natural interactions among cells, trespassing in effective projects in the external space to human dimension, that towards the cells equivale to a spiritual space)

Comparing the cellular world-universe with the human world-universe, also noticing a lot of similarities, it appears evident that us, Human beings, have a lot to learn in theme of solidarity and responsibility toward the future generations, being also a lot of carenti in sensibility toward the Sense of the Life and verse that hypothesized precious entity that commonly... you/he/she is called: soul.

In every time, all the Religions of the Planet, also in their conflittuale difference, has shared the following conviction: "The destiny of every soul depends on the finished actions in life, and every good action recalls supreme protective benevolence"

In the human world-universe, the known phenomenon of the providential ones "Coincidences sincroniche" envoy seems in to be from one "Supreme protective benevolence" that you/he/she can realistically be imagined twinning her/it with an analogous phenomenon that happens in the cellular world-universe.

In fact, if I/you/he/she happen us to suffer states of involving organic suffering our cells, with promptness we will perform protective and curative actions, thing that in the cellular world-universe it is perceivable as a supernatural inexplicable miraculous event.

The paradoxes of the New Fisica (quantistica and relativistic) are void in comparison to the mystery that has made to theorize the "Principle Antropico" where you/he/she is tried to explain the motive for which the universal physical constants result dimensionate in way ultrapreciso, as if they were projected on purpose to allow the existence of the Life as we know her/it to us (a comparable concept reports the ownerships of the cellular world-universe with the micro-life allowed it)

The comparison among the human world-universe and the cellular world-universe seems to reveal there us that the al of it is a relative concept and that us Human beings, being prematurely run over by an enormous responsibility (because of the technological potentialities of planetary course) we have the select mysticism to be able to interpret and to understand the Sense of the Life, becoming so precious and deserving elements, in a mysticism relationship with that reasonable Primary Wish of which we would be tools.

In the immensity of the Cosmos, nobody is singly essential, but every is able to choose to reach to a central state of grace... through the desire to understand and to favor the important and mysterious purpose of own existence.

Aldo Monticelli