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When it sets the night

19.02.2013 21:06
One awakening is close at hand. I'm losing my number. The bright moments last too. A moment will be a long day. We will be limited ... very limited. Each believes to be the truth ... unique. I woke up! The local memory has trapped me. Whath determined requires me an identity. As I was well ......

Master of Chaos

19.02.2013 21:02
Man lives in the World Slow Slow, but ... has quick reflexes! Can react instantly, but ... in this world is very slow. . He has already ... but you do not know what I'm talking about! Man Slow Man is ephemeral as an individual is to his cell. . Slow Man is the humanized planet ... Common Sense is...


19.02.2013 20:54
That essence snapshot of your slow mind lives in the world of the indeterminate, can not think, but know what to do. If attracts Providence is an entity guardian. Facing infinite dimensions, is the fate of most coincident, coincide with your state of mind. Being indifferent to rational...

Parallel universes of the photon

14.02.2013 00:14
Being able to demonstrate the existence of Parallel Universes (all real alternative destinies in each respective dimension) can open the door to the discovery of a simple theory of everything able to provide plausible answers to the great questions of existence. The Theory of Relativity, Quantum...


13.02.2013 13:52


03.02.2013 21:33

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20.01.2013 10:53
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